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Thank you for your interest in Chiropractic


In a comprehensive, approx. 30-minute initial consultation, new aspects of your illness will be uncovered and you will receive an alternative, effective therapy and self-treatment methods if needed.

Bad Neuenahr Chiropractors, Ahrtal Chiropractic - back pain, SIJ blockage, sciatica, pain, facial nerve, neuralgia, lumbago, cervical spine syndrome, lumbar spine syndrome, thoracic spine, deafness, headaches, tinnitus, migraines, CMD, tingling, C5, L5, S1

Our office is a private practice (Selbstzahler)


The treatment costs are usually reimbursed by private health insurances and state aid agencies. As the first statutory health insurance company, BKK24 reimburses part of the chiropractic treatments. Please inquire with your health insurance company (public or private) about possible (partial) assumption of the costs. Billing is based on the GebüH (fee regulation for alternative practitioners "Heilpraktiker").


The costs are between 30 euros and 80 euros, depending on the diagnosis, age and professional situation.


Immediately after each treatment, you will receive an invoice based on the 1985 fee schedule for alternative practitioners in the new edition in euros from 2002 (fee). Our bills are to be paid immediately by cash or card.

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