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Chiropraktische Justierung
Schmerzen im Fußgelenk
Kinesio Tape

Which techniques do we use in chiropractic?


We have several gentle manipulative techniques ready for you. The intention of a chiropractic adjustment is to affect or correct the alignment, motion and/or function of a vertebral joint. Specifically, they are intended to correct "vertebral subluxations", the term given to the signs and symptoms that are said by chiropractors to result from abnormal alignment of vertebrae. Several adjustments may be necessary.


Sacro Occipital Technique

This technique is the link to osteopathy. It gives us knowledge of the cause and classification of subluxations and is considered a basic technique in the USA. It is gentle chiropractic par excellence. Visceral, craniosacral and respiratory relationships are taken into account here. In this technique, blocks, a sternal roll and a table board are used. One would like to restore nerve communication between the brain and the spine. We distinguish between three different categories of pelvic inclination. Depending on the category, the patient is blocked in different positions, the pelvis is straightened, congestion can drain, muscles relax and the pelvis is adjusted. In this way we can naturally balance the entire nervous system and stimulate the body to heal itself.



The Cox technique


Chiropractic is also equipped for the treatment of herniated discs. Dr. Cox in the USA developed a special manipulative technique in connection with a special chiropractic table allows for promising manipulative treatment of intervertebral disc bulges or incidents. In many cases, the intervertebral discs can regenerate so that an otherwise necessary operation can be avoided.



Chiropractic - the gentle treatment for children


Particularly gentle treatment methods are also promising in children and even babies. IBabies can already suffer from subluxated vertebrae due to difficult birth, for example, which can lead to pain with frequent crying. When cervical vertebrae are affected in children, pressure on the brain stem can disrupt immune system development and cause other problems.

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