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Aufname - Ahrweiler Chiropraktike
X-Rays Chiropraktor
Justierung - Bad Neuenahr Chiroprakt
Gentle and Safe

American chiropractic is a gentle manual method used to loosen blockages in the spine and other joints. Malfunctions are corrected by means of controlled and targeted pressure impulses at the appropriate points on the spine. The nerve supply is guaranteed, joints are brought into their natural anatomical position.

Our Philosophy
We see the patient as a whole.
Everything is interconnected and we restore normal body functions.
Our motto is: Listen to the patient, recognize the problem and treat it. We don't suppress the symptoms, we treat the causes of the complaints.
Spine and Symptoms

The impulses from the brain run through the spinal cord, which is embedded within our spine. Misalignments, blockages, but also intervertebral disc damage and degenerative processes in the spine can narrow the exit points for the spinal nerves and thus impair the flow of data.


Here you have the opportunity to print out our anamnesis sheet and fill it out and bring it with you to the first appointment.

You are welcome to bring existing X-ray and MRI images with you.

Chirotherapie Techniken Rhein Chiropraxis

Malfunctions are corrected by means of controlled and targeted pressure impulses on the spine.

Misdirected compensation mechanisms in the body are restored.

Rechnung Chiropraxis Bonn

We bill according to the fee regulation for alternative practitioners.

(The training of a " Doctor of Chiropractic " is a high level medical training.

In Germany, chiropractors must be licensed according to the Heilpraktikergesetz to be allowed to practice)

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